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Vibrant, familiar, Universal.

Resonating deep within the locals as a staple of unparalleled coffee, food and atmosphere, MAISON EARLE has been here for generations. Same purpose, different stories.


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About us.

We are honoured and humbled to be part of the history that Earle House holds. As creative people, we spent over a year carefully renovating, starting with stabilizing the structure, replacing the roof, fixing all that was not working and finally designing the interiors to keep the magic of the original but give it a twist of the modern comfort.​


While we worked on this project, the process became an organic discovery of wonderful people from all kinds of backgrounds that came to us and offered their advice, help or explained more about how important is this building to the local community. 

We hope our tireless work and passion for history, great design and fine coffee and food is enjoyed by and shared with our patrons.

     Adriana,   Peter,   Charlotte   and   Sebastian   :)

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