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Soft Launch

First of all, a huge thank you! We appreciate your patience, your support, your advice and your hard work in helping us to make Cafe Earle become reality. We hope to see you to come to enjoy the fruits of a year long journey to bring new life into this wonderful space. We welcome our families, friends, Wakefield's crowd and coffee lovers from the region to join us for soft opening of Cafe Earle. 

We strive for perfection, but we are expecting life with it's unpredictable ways, it's unpredictable beauty and its surprising enchantment. We hope you enjoy these moments with us.


We need all your support, your love, your presence. We are here for you, to be together, to continue the long tradition of excellence that Earle House always stud for. You are our partner in creating new stories, you are part of the making Cafe Earle the real landmark of Wakefield. Thank you.

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Fresh, Local, Universal 

Snacks, soups and real food made from real local fresh ingredients are added to our menu. Breakfast or lunch, afternoon tea or even ing snack, we share with you our passion for good quality food and drinks.

Mothers's Day Special

Mothers, the artists of life, all are welcome to enjoy this weekend at Earle. Indulge in freshness, sweetness, and love, come and celebrate with us.

Piano evening

Resonating deep within the locals as a staple of unparalleled coffee, food, atmosphere and of-course even better stories, MAISON EARLE has been here for generations. Same purpose, different stories.


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