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Vibrant, Familiar, Universal.

        Resonating deep within the community as a staple rendezvous spot featuring unparalleled coffee, food, atmosphere and, of course, stories, La MAISON EARLE (1880) has been here for generations. At Cafe Earle, history is adorned with contemporary design and art and creates a sense of both comfort and novelty. Same purpose, different stories. Offering homemade food, pastries, all-day breakfasts and soups, salads and sandwiches, we support local farmers and offer ethically sourced coffee directly from a small farm in Colombia to our doorsteps. Apart from the spacious interior, our patrons can enjoy a grand shaded garden and exceptional views from our riverfront terrace over the Gatineau River and see the famous Wakefield Red Bridge.

        Keeping up with the tradition of Maison EARLE house from the past, we will offer regular JAZZ nights every Friday. Other events will be held on various weekends and will be announced

Regular Friday night JAZZ, + other events and more.

Current opening hours:
Mon   closed
Tue     8 am     -   4 pm
Wed  8 am     -   4 pm
Thu     8 am     -   4 pm
Fri        8 am     -    4 pm
    |  Music  6 pm - 9 pm
Sat      10 am     -   5 pm
Sun     10 am     -   5 pm
Full menu and options coming soon!

Contact us:
+1 (819) 661 6857


+1 • 819 • 661 6857

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